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What's going on?

Now as the energy is shifting I am noticing that I immediately feel the energy of every thought. Even very subtle ones that just flash through the background of my mind. It appears as the energy or vibration goes higher (and it is steadily accelerating as the solar flares come in. You can check that on the NASA website by the way. I often feel them and so started checking the site.) So if you are not feeling so great there are lots of ways to help yourself re-Tune to a better frequency. One thing I do is the minute I notice myself shifting I watch my thoughts and will often focus on some form of appreciation and/or self acceptance. Even being willing to accept that I might not like what I am feeling at the moment but I accept that I am learning to change past habits of thinking that arise when specific circumstances show up. Like all kinds of people and things (like a water problem) wanting my attention right now.