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Private Sessions

Private consultations are available either over the phone or in person. To schedule an appointment, for now please contact her by email retunetojoy@gmail.com or leave a message at 415-282-4608

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I work with individuals, couples and groups. I do most individual sessions by phone as many of my clients are from all areas around the globe. Read on for more information about this form of energy-spiritual psychology. I have often been called a “psychic therapist” by clients. I am now doing a new form of work that accelerates the alignment and development of the energy (Light) body with a persons true Self and assists the releasing of the identity to patterns of suffering. I assist you to perceive and tap into your Soul purpose and unique gifts in a variety of ways. Sometimes I tune into the Akashic Records, sometimes I assist you to go to a higher vibration where you can more easily also get in touch with more guidance and intuition. It depends on what is needed at the time. This is for people in all walks of life who feel there is more to life than they are now living in work, career or relationships (or all of the above) and are ready to live their inspired gifts and talents more fully. I assist client’s in a highly effective transformational process that combines vibration healing, psychological understanding, light transmissions and empowerment tools to create growth and healing. I move my awareness into a transcendent state where I can perceive through time and space this allows me to assist others accelerate their healing and growth on all levels.

Expanding Heart

What To Expect in a Phone Session

(Land line phones are suggested for these sessions, if that is not possible a speaker phone or headset if using a cell phone. )

I will first ask for a little information about what your intention is for yourself at this time and information on any issues or challenges you want may want to resolve. If we talk on the phone before the session I might request related background information, especially if you feel it is important to what you are dealing with. I then move into a state of greater openness to Loving guidance ( you could say my Higher Self, or a state of being in “oneness”. In that state of awareness I am able to perceive beyond time and space. And will perceive the information needed to assist with with the issues at hand. As we talk often I will perceive information from your guides and what I call the Higher Self.

Many things happen during the session depending on what is needed by the individual. I will work with you on multiple levels. During the session there is a transmission of Universal Love, (if you are willing to receive it) which comes from Source using me as both a transmitter and also a tuning fork. This helps open the heart and accelerate healing for greater self acceptance and heal past feelings and patterns of victimization, abandonment and/or betrayal that can keep a person stuck in the past and prevent the joy of living an inspired life.

 I help you “re-tune” and align to a more loving energy and way of being. As a part of this process I assist you to choose the attitude and feeling state of self-compassion and non-judgment. This will help you so you can more easily choose to perceive and then dissolve psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that are related to your discomfort or pain. And I offer tools specifically for you to keep the momentum of change moving forward at the rate you want.

I am now offering a new form for those ready to move into their heart’s desire or you could say Gifts and Soul Purpose.
As you release and retune you will move into a higher frequency and establish more connection with your Higher Self or Soul Self. Many people describe their intuition and subtle senses (psychic abilities) opening or becoming more astute after the sessions or groups. As the inner world shifts the outer world does as well. Often there is specific information given for issues occurring the outer world and in relationships and you can discuss what you wish as she also works with relationship dynamics in any arena: family, romantic, work, and friendships. For energy sensitive clients and those going through a spiritual unfolding process she often teaches various energy and vibrational skills, tools and exercises. Clients almost always report feeling “much lighter” with greater mental clarity and physical relaxation as well. Many clients have reported various spontaneous healing of physical symptoms. These sessions are progressive in their effects and generally a series of three to ten is recommended for someone experiencing this for the first time.

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Make an Appointment

Appointments cost $180. an hour. the packages below are an introductory rate.

Because I work with energy transmissions and altered states that help the brain and body integrate new ways of being  I recommends 75 to 90 minutes for some sessions.  I have found for many people it is often more beneficial ( and less expensive) for them to do longer sessions as they go deeper. The changes integrate after the sessions so for many people it is good to allow two weeks between sessions but sometimes if there is a lot of movement is is good to have weekly sessions to keep the changes moving forward.

Package #1 

 Three 1 hr sessions for  $495:

Regular price would be $540. You save $45

Package #2 

Three 75 minute sessions for $600.

Regular price would be $675.00

Package #3

Three 90 minute sessions and three 1hr. sessions for $1215

Regular price would be $1315.



If you buy a package and we agree it would be better to arrange for different length session I will be flexible if my schedule allows

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